Tropical Agroecosystems (TAEC)

Tropical agriculture present ecological, cultural and political problems that demand analysis distinct from general ecological analysis. The tropical environment is special in many ways, from the lack of a biological down season (winter), to generally poor soil conditions, to a reliance on traditional methods of agriculture in an undeveloped society. At a time when the sustainability of natural resource use in the tropics has become a very big issue. Tropical Agroecosystems (TAEC) provides a critical scientific foundation for developing a sustainable agriculture within tropical environment; address the practical aspects of tropical agricultural production and improvement; to encourage application of modern scientific and technological advances to solving the problems facing agricultural production and remove constraints to production; and to encourage application of the results of original research which make a significant contribution to knowledge. The disciplines covered by the journal include: Soils; Environment and Agro-Ecology; Geography; Crops; Livestock; Post-Harvest Technology; Food Science; Food and Nutrition; Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management; and Extension.