Archana Aryal, Poonam Belbase

Doi: 10.26480/taec.02.2020.70.74

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The research conducted in the laboratory includes four different types of concentration of salt. The highest germination percentage was recorded with Gorakhnath followed by Jyoti Ankur and Paddy Jk with almost all solution. The highest dry weight shoot was observed on Paddy Jk and on Gorakhnath at treatment level 10gm and Jyoti Ankur and Ramdhan showed negligible growth. The highest fresh root weight was observed on Paddy Jk at all treatment level while Ramdhan showed lowest fresh weight. At dry weight of root, Paddy Jk and Gorakhnath showed highest dry weight while Sabitri and Ramdhan showed negligible growth at treatment 10gm of salt solution. And at last at root shoot ratio the highest growth was observed on treatment level 10gm salt solution because at stress condition root performs better. Thus, this reveals the germination performance of Rice (Oryza sativa) seedlings in saline condition was better with Gorakhnath followed by Paddy Jk variety while seedlings growth and development with Ramdhan was seen to be lowest. Similarly, the better performance was observed on control condition while the least performance on treatment 10gm of salt solution.

Pages 70-74
Year 2020
Issue 2
Volume 1